Friday, February 19, 2016


oahu: an amazing vacation
The flowers outside of our Airbnb.
Back in October of last year Patrick and I took a trip to Hawaii to witness our friends get married. It was an amazing vacation and I took over 300 pictures. I wanted to share some of my absolute favorites I took during our trip.

This was our first time in Oahu and we had such a wonderful time I would go back in heartbeat.

We started off in Waikiki for the first couple of nights. It was fun to reunite with old friends and catch up. The one thing that surprised me was how bad the traffic really is in Waikiki. I guess it makes sense when you take into account the size of the island and the number of people that live there.

The wedding was on the north shore so we headed up there in our Jeep rental. Which by the way I would say is a must for Hawaii. Having the option to take the top off and drive around town with the sun and wind in our faces. Amazing.

While on the north shore we did the Waimea Falls Hike and checked out the local food truck scene. Before we left we squeezed a hike and a tour at the Pearl Harbor Memorial. The memorial was beautifully and very informative. If you are ever in Oahu I would highly recommend it.

Stay tuned for part two.

What was your favorite vacation?

oahu: an amazing vacation
A fresh fruit stand on the side of the road

Friday, February 5, 2016


checking out all the snow