Tuesday, March 8, 2016


February was a slow month around here but I am ok with that because as I wake up each morning I try to remind myself that this life I have chosen is good. Sure my kids drive me crazy most days but I still love them. I have to remind myself that this season in my life will not last forever. Before I know it they will not need me anymore. But I hope that they need me in another way. A shoulder to cry on a mom that will listen to their problems, their dreams.

So my birthday was in February and this year there were no big plans no agenda just me and my boys. We headed off to a nice brunch that morning and got very lucky with a restaurant that was not very busy. My birthday is on valentines day and as you know that day restaurants can be quite busy. Another year wiser, 32 is going to be a good year.

Here are some snaps from February as part of my project 365. Enjoy.


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