Wednesday, June 8, 2016

25 Facts about me

I have been writing this blog for almost six months now and I guess it's about time I shared a bit more about me. If you have stopped by more than once sincere thanks. Here are 25 random facts about me. I figured it might be kind of fun and you can get an idea of the person behind this blog.

I am one of those people that have a hard time describing myself, especially to someone I have never met. I really had to dig deep for this list.

25 Facts about me - griselda hasselbring

1. I have two younger brothers and a sister. I also have three older half brothers. 
2. I didn't cut my hair for the first time until I was 15.
3. I do not like scary movies.
4. My favorite Ice cream flavor as a kid was Strawberry.
5. I did not have a QuinceaƱera for my 15th birthday. I opted for a computer instead.
6. I cannot swim. But I would like to learn one of these days.
7. I have never broken a bone.
8. I have never been to Disneyland.
9. My favorite color is Grey.
10. My favorite Disney movie is hands down Cinderella.
11. I love running. 
12. I have ran one half-marathon. I would definitely like to run more in the future.
13. My favorite book is Eat Pray Love.
14. I am bilingual.
15. I love to cook. Especially healthy meals that are delicious.
16. I drink my morning coffee black. No sugar or cream.
17. I was born in Oaxaca, Mexico in a really small rural town. 
18. I always hated my nose as a teenager. Now, I have embraced all of my features. 
19. I prefer salty over sweets. Salty foods are my weakness.
20. I have always wanted to take a trip around Europe. 
21. I used to hate pickles as a kid but now I love them.
22. I would love to learn how to sew and knit. 
23. In college I took a month long trip through south east Asia. Best trip of my life. 
24. I love antique shopping.
25. Doing my nails is my therapy.

I must admit this was actually kind of fun. I suggest you try it and even ask loved ones to tell you some things they would say about you. My husband helped me out with this list. I might even start to tackle some of the to-do's on that list. 


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