Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Well, I guess better late than never. Here are my March(gasp) project 365 pictures. This project is so much tougher than I had expected. I really started to loose steam at the end of March. It was mostly because the weather was still so cold and we couldn't get outside much. Winter is depressing here. Just keeping it real folks. Did I mention I am not much of a fan of the cold. I will bundle up and get out there if I need to but warm weather is where I belong.

Here is a recap of March in pictures. Let's see, yes that is snow on the ground. I think we were all getting a bit of cabin fever at this point but at least things are warm and beautiful here now. The boys always keep me busy so the days are usually a blur. We also celebrated Myles' fourth birthday in March. I can hardly believe it myself but he's not my baby anymore. Insert ugly cry.

If you are curious about the previous months here is the first weekJanuary and February.

Until next time and thanks for stopping by. I guess I better get April and May published before the year ends.


project 365: march

project 365: march
project 365: march
project 365: march

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