Monday, November 28, 2016

Fall Family pictures

Well we did it. We got some decent pictures as a family for our christmas card this year. I am so happy that we were able to make it happen. Last year and the year before I procrastinated and before I knew it there was snow on the ground and too cold for pictures outside. Don't get me wrong pictures in the snow are pretty but fall is my favorite season for pictures. The weather in Milwaukee has started to cool off and winter is definitely coming. 

The day we took these pictures was super windy and chilly. Even though I was freezing I couldn't bare to make the boys take their jackets off. We tried to be as quick as possible but still froze our tails off. All in order to get some great pictures. Yes, it was worth it. 

I also wanted to capture some pictures of my in-laws with the boys because I love the colors in the fall and this is our last one here since we move next summer. Stay tuned because we don't even know where we are moving yet. I am both anxious and excited, but part of me just wants to know where we are moving I can start planning. I will be sharing where we move once we know. In the mean time enjoy our family pics and have a happy day. 


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