Saturday, March 18, 2017


Hi friends, its been a hot minute since I have been on here. Can you believe its march already. We love march at our house and let me tell you why.

My firstborn turned five this month. What the what!? How is that possible? I can remember bringing him home to our Seattle house. New parents navigating uncharted waters. The baby books never prepare you for motherhood. You think you are prepared and then they give you that baby and you forget everything that you have read in the last nine months.

This little big person is going to be dealing with a lot of changes this summer. Moving across the country and starting at a new school in the fall. He will be starting Kindergarten this year and that means school all day. This was also our last birthday celebration in Milwaukee. Time is just flying by friends and before we know it we are going to be heading out west.

So here are some pictures of his special day. It was super low key. I didn't stress about decorations this year and even went minimal on the food prep. We ordered Portillos for lunch and had cake and  Purple door ice cream for dessert. Good food. Good company. It was a great day.


This big boy gets to go to Disneyland with his grandparents next month. They have done it for all the grandkids when they turn five. He opened the big box below that had a Mickey mouse ballon with a gift card attached that he gets to cash in when he gets there. He's already got a snazzy new luggage bag picked out and I have to get him some summer clothes because apparently winter is not over here in the midwest quite yet.

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